New Publisher Note

Come meet the new publisher in your area

By Larissa Costa October 23, 2022

Hey College Park - Hyattsville families

I would love to inform you that there is a new Macaroni Kid publisher in your area! Nice to meet you! I’m Larissa, the new publisher. Sharing about myself: I’m from Brazil, and I’ve been living in the States for a few years now. Children are my passion, along with architecture (two very distinct subjects, I know). For about two years I’ve been volunteering at events in the area that are hosted by the community Starbucks (in our community), and also at the events they participate in. 

I met the Macaroni Kid website as soon as I arrived in this country and thanks to them, I and the kids I took care of had a lot of fun! After all the events I volunteered for, I realize that I could do more for our community, and here I am! It is a pleasure to become a publisher in your area. My goal is to make sure you and your family have lots of fun in our community. I’m here to support you, support local businesses, non-profits & local vendors. 

Feedback from you from time to time would be very appreciated! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget to share about us with families, friends & local businesses.

Thank you for being part of ou community!