Thanksgiving Printable Arts

Keep the kids occupied during thanksgiving dinner with theses printables.

By Larissa Costa October 31, 2022

It's the thanksgiving month! We created 3 printable thanksgiving arts for your kids to paint that can help keep the little ones busy during thanksgiving dinner. 

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for families to come together for good food and spend a good time together before Christmas comes. It is time to show gratitude, and also to learn the History of thanksgiving.

 With this printable, you can teach the kids about the common dishes we normally eat on thanksgiving dinner. Some places might have a different dish from the ones you normally cook, and that's ok. It is always good to teach the little ones that differences are ok. 

Arts & crafts are a great way to encourage the kids to use their imagination and work on their concentration & coordination skills. On this one, we created a do-a-dot pie version.

You can download here the PDF with these cool thanksgiving printables.

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