How You Can Help College Park Community Food Bank

Ready to help? College Park Community Food Bank Needs Our Help

By Larissa Costa November 12, 2022

College Park Community Food Bank distributes food for families in need every Saturday from 9:30-11 am. They do an amazing job helping reduce hunger in our community. 

Here are the ways you can help:
1. Donating Food: They accept non-perishable food. Clean, non-dented canned & boxed food items, not past their expiration date. Here is the food donation form.
2. Donating: This helps them to keep food in stock.
3. Volunteering: Their food bank is completely run by volunteers. Every single person who helps there is a volunteer.
4. Hosting a Food Drive: Help make an impact in our community. Share the word about them. Collect food to help a family in need. Donate your time and make a family's day a bit better. 

They also have Instagram and Facebook accounts. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them. 

Let's work on a better community starting today!