Snow Much Fun! Four Ways To Have Fun With Snow

You can have fun with snow outdoors... and indoors!

By Allison Tursi, publisher of Macaroni KID Holbrook, The Ronkonkomas, Centereach, Coram, N.Y. December 1, 2022

My kids love to play in the snow, both outdoors ... and in! Here are four ideas for snow much fun, both outside and inside the house:

Turn water into jewels

These ice gems were a hit and so simple to make! All I needed were ice cube trays (you could also use a cupcake pan for bigger 'gems.'), water, and food coloring! I let our 'gems' freeze overnight and then popped them out in the snow to play with. If it's cold enough where you live, simply leave your 'gems' out overnight to freeze! These gems make excellent decorations for snow sculptures and snowpeople. It's also fun to have a treasure hunt — hide the gems around your yard and let the kids find them!

Give that snow color

Squirt bottles are easy to find at discount stores, and completely reusable! Fill them with water, add food coloring, and they are ready! Kids can write their names in the snow, draw pictures, or decorate their snowman.

Bring the snow inside!

Paint a meltable masterpiece

An easy (and warm!) snow activity. Food coloring and water mixed together, paint brushes, and a pan or large bowl of snow are all you need for this fun indoor snow activity. No jackets required.

Snow play!

A great activity for the little ones! All you need is a bowl filled with snow and some toys. You can also put down a towel or a plastic tablecloth to keep mess at a minimum. I have even used my water table in the kitchen filled with snow and let them play and have fun while staying warm. Gloves are a good idea for this activity!

Allison Tursi is the publisher of Macaroni KID Holbrook, The Ronkonkomas, Centereach, Coram, N.Y.